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Focus on... Visual Memory Kit
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Focus on... Visual Memory Kit

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Suitable for: 3-5, 5-6, 6-7, 7+

Using the engaging multi-sensory resources in this unique kit, pupils can exercise and improve their memory. By retaining, storing, processing and quickly accessing knowledge and information pupils can unlock new areas of learning.

Use 6 Memory Skills Board Games to enhance pupil's visual memory by practising observational skills, memorising and recreating patterns. Develop memory retention by remembering lists and long story sequences.

Try 6 Spatial Skills Board Games to practise pattern making & discrimination, visualise images, practise sequences and visual perception skills.

Use the Memory Trainer Sets to target children's observation and concentration skills using the interchangeable cards and progress onto exploring spatial awareness, positional terms, direction, shapes and much more.

Practise and enhance quick recall of facts using the Brainbox games in pairs, as a whole class or for fun at home.

Try Short-Term Memory Difficulties as a structured programme for daily one to one support.

Use the repetition of the Smart Chute and Memory Skills cards to enhance visual and working memory at home or at school as independent or group activity. KSB85

Contents: 6 Memory Skills Boards; 6 Spatial Skills Board Games; Mental Blocks Game; Smart Chute; Concentration Skills Chute Cards Levels 1-3; Memory Skills Chute Cards Levels 1-4; Brain Box First Pictures & Football and Short-term Memory Difficulties in Children Book.

Teacher Notes for this Kit can be downloaded here.

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