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5 Advanced Literacy Games Download

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5 Advanced Literacy Games Download

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Suitable for: 6-7, 7+, Download

Students earn silver and gold awards as they work their way through these exciting literacy games. Great for practise and reinforcement, they will pick the correct meaning for abbreviations, decipher where an apostrophe should belong in a selection of sentences, choose the correct spelling for irregularly spelt words, pick a verb tense to make a grammatically correct sentence and identify different parts of speech. Each child's results can be recorded and a certificate can be printed to show their achievement. Choose from PC or Mac. Compatible with Switch.

After you have placed your order a link to download the software will be sent to you. Either download this file to the computer you want the software to be installed on or save it to a disk to install on other computers. The license allows you to download it and install it on up to 10 computers at a single address. You cannot sell or give this software to anyone else.