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Chunk Stacker CD-Rom

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Chunk Stacker CD-Rom

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Suitable for: Year 2, Year 3

Our best-selling Chunk Stacker game is now available on interactive CD-ROM! This exciting literacy game teaches segmenting, blending and wordbuilding. It is suitable for single player use (against the computer) or for up to 4 students (who play against each other). Players score by building words and whoever gains the highest score wins. The difficulty level can be adjusted when playing against the computer to ensure that every child is challenged, regardless of ability. Chunk Stacker CD-ROM teaches both phonological and phonemic awareness, as well as the patterns of written forms. The cursor can be used to listen to the letter sound and by dragging the letter pattern onto the word stacker children are shown the meaning of the word across the bottom of the screen. Comes complete with teacher's session for tracking children's progress. This excellent new game will be enjoyed by all children, but is especially beneficial for students with dyslexia.

Suitable for Windows operating systems and Mac operating systems of 10.6.9 or lower.

L55s - Install on one computer.

L55f - Install on up to 5 computers.

L55u - Install on an unlimited amount of computers within the physical bounds of your school.

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