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Letters and Sounds Summative Assessment Pack
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Letters and Sounds Summative Assessment Pack

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Suitable for: 3-5, 5-6, 6-7, 7+

Available from January 2022.

Use these cards to carry out the summative assessment at the end of each phase of GPCs, blending for reading and tricky words. Designed so that you can have two free hands to record the answers quickly on the excel spreadsheet or pdf sheets provided. This spreadsheet allows you to quickly sort the children who are at risk of falling behind, including the lowest attaining 20%. These children should be given daily keep-up lessons.

Card Instructions:

  1. Sort the phase cards you are assessing in numerical order and hand them to your student.
  2. Ask the student to read the cards one by one as they place them in a pile on the table.
  3. If there is an alien on the card, explain to the student that they need to read the non-word alien shopping list.
  4. Record the answers.

Record Sheet Instructions:

Before beginning the assessments enter all the children's names on the overview sheet. This will auto-fill their names on all the phases.

  1. As the student reads out the GPC or word on the assessment card, record the correct answer by typing a 1, or an incorrect answer by typing a 2.
  2. Use the tab button to move to the next cell.
  3. A percentage total is automatically calculated and added to the overview page.


  • 54 double-sided cards (90mm x 55mm)
  • Electronic record sheet (excel)

Download the record sheets here:


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