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Large Poetry Cards Pack 2

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Large Poetry Cards Pack 2

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Suitable for: 5-6, 6-7

Each poem is colour-coded to visually support the teaching of letter/sound relationships in a shared reading context. They are presented as large, 620 x 450 mm write & wipe cards. On one side of the card, the target phoneme is colour-coded. On the reverse side, there is no colour-coding, which provides extension work. Students are required to identify the target phoneme using the colour-coded pens.
Contains 34 large (A2 size), double sided, write and wipe poetry cards covering the following phonemes:
Digraph endings - ck,ff,ll,ng,ss
Blend beginnings - bl,br,cl,cr,dr,fl,fr,gl, gr,pl,pr,sc,sl,sk,sm,sn, sp,st,sw,tr,tw
Blend endings - ft,ld,lk,mp,nch,nd,nk,sk, st,np

Large Poetry Sheets

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