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Letters and Sounds Flash Cards Phase 4b

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We have updated our Letters and Sounds phonics progression to include the following word endings at Phase 4b:

  • -est
  • -ing
  • -er (schwa sound)
  • -ed (sounds like /d/, /t/ and /id/)
  • -tch
  • -y
  • -ey
  • -ve
  • -le

Until our current Phase 4 Flash Cards box is updated we have made this free PDF download available with flash cards using these word endings. 

Directions: Add this product to your cart. After you check out an email with a link to the PDF will be emailed to you. Download the PDF and print off the pages. Glue the back of the page and fold along the dotted line. When the glue is dry, cut out your double-sided flash cards.

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