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Literacy Directories SMART BUY!

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Literacy Directories SMART BUY!

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Suitable for: 3-5, 5-6, 6-7, 7+

Buy our Smart Buy set of A5 size Literacy Directories and SAVE! Help pupils reach their writing and spelling potential with this superb range of inspiring desktop aids. Each directory acts as a reference tool to refer to during writing to enable children to have ideas and examples at their fingertips to encourage independent learning. The directories have tabbed sections allowing pupils to locate information quickly and they fold flat for easy storage. Ideal for use on pupil's desks and for one to one work. Many directories are also available in A3 demonstration size to support whole class teaching.

Contents: Writer's Directory, Poetry Directory, Non-Fiction Directory, Narrative & Genre Directory, Spelling Rules Directory, Vowel Sounds Directory and Where Are You Going/ What Would You Take Flipbook.

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