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'My Cards' Long Term Memory SMART BUY!

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'My Cards' Long Term Memory SMART BUY!

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Suitable for: 6-7, 7+

Improve long term memory and retention with this Smart Buy set of My Cards Memory Booster Chute Cards. Intended for individual use, these unique unvarnished cards can be personalised, providing a sense of ownership to help pupils remember everyday things with multisensory repetition. Progress through the three levels starting with memorisation of basic facts and information, such as the teacher's name and events onto retention of grammar and language facts. The three levels of cards can be mixed and matched in a working pack for the child to work on. Once the child has grasped the concept of a card, this can go back to its original pack and a new card can be selected. Use cards with the self-correcting Smart Chute (sold separately) to secure knowledge of key facts. Read the question on the front of the card, post it into the Chute to reveal the answer on the reverse of the card.

Contains: My Cards Level 1, 2 and 3.

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