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Suitable for: 6-7, 7+

In this practical exploration led by Ron, the brave skateboarding armadillo, there is going to be a new ramp at the park but the allocated area is close to grass. Students explore the effects of friction and gradient, graphing, measurement, and prediction as they engineer the new ramp so that Ron will travel far....but no too far, making sure that it is safe for everyone!
Including a teacher guide, activity guide cards, photocopiable worksheets, assessment tools, home-connection activities, and the materials needed for classes and clubs of 24-30 students, the project comes ready-to-teach from the storage box, requiring less than 5 minutes planning and preparation time. Gratnells tray measures 30H x 31W x 43L centimetres. Class map measures 68 H x 52 W centimetres.