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SENCo Tool Kit

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SENCo Tool Kit

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his comprehensive kit includes a variety of products to help children with Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Autism and ADHD. The How to Understand and Apply Reforms SEN Policy book, simplifies the legislation, policies and guidance of the new SEN policy and contains a wealth of resources. Accessories such as Grippies are ideal to ensure every child feels included in the classroom whilst still making progress at their own pace.

Packed in a sturdy portable box, the tool kit is ideal when moving between different areas of the school or different sites.


  How To Understand and Apply Reforms in SEN Policy

  Tray with matching lid

  Pull Your Socks Up

  Conversation Cubes

  Tangle Junior

  Giant Sensory Ooze Tube

  A pack of 10 Pencil Grips

  Communication Fans

  A pack of 100 dice

  Coloured Reading Overlays

  10 x Classmates Rigid Lapboards

  5-minute Sand Timer

  Rainbow Arc