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Smart Tray Reading Comprehension Accelerator Set 1

Item no: JL110

Smart Tray Reading Comprehension Accelerator Set 1

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Suitable for: 7+

Encourage reading for meaning with these brand new interactive and engaging Reading Comprehension Cards for the Smart Tray. Give children a first step from teacher directed questions to reading written sentences. Each set comes with a full colour storybook and 18 related question cards for use in the Smart Tray. Set 1 contains fiction stories and Set 2 contains non-fiction texts. Read through the story then match the tiles to the correct answers on the activity card before turning over the closed tray to check your answers. The questions for each story are based on who, what, where, why and how, with 10 questions on each card. Ages 7+. Contains 1 x story booklet with 18 stories and 18 x question cards in each set. Smart Tray sold separately.

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