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Tip of the Tongue LKS2

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Tip of the Tongue LKS2

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Suitable for: Year 3

Develop vocabulary and enhance language through fun, practical and self-checking activities. Covering a range of oral language activities, from funny tongue twisters to challenging debates, the cards can be used in many different ways in group or paired work.

Suitable for SEN, EAL or even your high achievers who need to be stretched further.

Lower Key Stage 2 Contents:

16 x Tubs containing a total of over 2000 cards covering: prefixes, vowels, debate topics, idioms, story starters, tongue twisters, three word cards, talk cards, category dice cards, object cards, scenario cards, consonants cards, role cards, feelings cards, grammar cards, question cards.

2 x Sets of 137 A5 vocab cards,

7 x Zipper wallets containing picture cards, photo cards, barrier games, spot the difference and cards covering homonyms, antonyms, synonyms,

1 x Speaker's Hat, Feely Bag, Marker,

6 x Dice, 1 x CD with additional content,

72 page, A4 teacher manual with extensive notes and suggested further activities.