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Visual Communication Kit

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Visual Communication Kit

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Suitable for: 5-6, 6-7, 7+

Get started with the necessary tools required for working one to one with a pupil with communication difficulties such as Autism. A wealth of resource is stored neatly within this compact bag: ASD Binder containing 8 pages; 20 x Communication symbols; 30 x self-help symbols; 30 x timetable symbols. 1 x 'A' frame board which consists of now and next board, large timetable board and a solutions sheet. There is also a small timetable board along with a voice control traffic light, communication keychain with various visual symbols and a stress ball. All of the cards are attached to binder pages by a Velcro dot 'hook and loop', for use with the 'now and next' and timetable 'A' frames. There are also 6 social stories at kept at the back of the binder.