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Suitable for: 7+

 This easy to implement project provides 3 hours of hands-on learning, broken into 30 minute sessions to fit your schedule.
Integrating Science, Design & Technology, and Maths this animal-feet themed project covers a host of National Curriculum for England (2014) and Scottish Curriculum for Excellence attainment targets in each of the STEM subjects, and develops transferrable life skills in problem-solving and teamwork.
Including a teacher guide book, student activity books, photocopiable worksheets, assessment tools, home-connection activities, and the materials needed for classes and clubs of 24-30 students, the project comes ready-to-teach from the storage box, requiring less than 5 minutes planning and preparation time. Gratnells tray measures 30H x 31W x 43L centimetres.
Set in the context of a real-world problem-solving challenge, hands-on activities and practical investigations build understanding and engagement as students work to provide a solution: In Wild Feet Exploration, Jazmin loves hiking but her boots always slip. Students learn about friction, material properties, data collection, and model building as they use inspiration from animal feet to design a hiking boot with a stronger grip.
Compatible for use as part of the progressive STEM in Action scheme for Key Stages 1 and 2. Suitable for ages 7+.