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Writer's Pyramid -  Upper KS2

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Writer's Pyramid - Upper KS2

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Suitable for: Year 2, Year 3

For children that have weaknesses in their writing, look no further than the Writer's Pyramid. A visual support which draws out four features of writing:

Punctuation; Sentence Openers; Connectives and 'Wow Words'. Build these pyramids up and have them out in the classroom for writing sessions to provide a tool for writing prompts and inspiration. Children will be able to see what features to include in their writing, as well as broadening their vocabulary and versatility in the texts they create.

As each side of the pyramid is the same shape, you could build a pyramid that contains all four writing features, or even create a pyramid of just punctuation. There are three sets available:KS1; Lower KS2 and Upper KS2. Each set can build four pyramids.