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Smart Chute Phonics Pack

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Smart Chute Phonics Pack

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Suitable for: Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3

Use the Smart Chute to master phonic concepts ' from basic to advanced. This unique card flipper is a fun and exciting way of developing instant recall of letter sound knowledge. Children will enjoy exposure to small units of sound (phonemes), larger units of sound (clusters and rimes) and syllables as they develop their phonological awareness. The Smart Chute concept enables more difficult sounds to be separated and practised for reinforcement. A great resource for all children, but very popular with reluctant readers. Contains a FREE Smart Chute and 9 sets of cards. 

Suggested order to teach the cards in:
1. Initial Sounds
2. Final Sounds
3. Blend Beginnings
4. Blend Endings
5. Medial Vowel Sounds
6. Vowel Phonemes
7. Rimes 
8. Syllables Level 1
9. Syllables Level 2
Note: Rimes is the correct spelling when referring to a part of a word that rhymes.



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