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Talisman Card Games 1-10

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Talisman Card Games 1-10

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Suitable for: 3-5, 5-6, 6-7

These cards offer a variety of important instruction from simple CVC cards to the highest level of word development in a form that appeals to all students, especially the boys.

Box 1: cvc
Box 2: cvc, cvcc, ccvc, ccvcc
Box 3: ch, tch, sh, th
Box 4: ck, ng, qu, wh
Box 5: ai, ay, a, a-e, ea
Box 6: ee, e, ea, y, e-e
Box 7: oa, o, ow, oe, o-e
Box 8: igh, i, y, ie, i-e
Box 9: oo, ew, ue, u-e
Box 10: a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e, u-e


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