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Phase 3 Fiction Books

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Phase 3 Fiction Books

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Suitable for: DfE validated, Reception, Year 1

Set of 8 decodable readers levelled at Phase 3 of the Smart Kids Letters and Sounds - The Code phonics progression. Fun, simple stories and incredible value.

Contents: 8 pages per book.

Size: 150mm x 170mm

Set of 8 fully decodable books:

1. j, v, w, x - Jess at the Vet

2. y, z, zz, qu - Fix-It Fox

3. ch, sh, th, ng - Fish and Chips

4. ai, ee - A Wait in the Rain

5. igh, oa - At Night

6. oo, oo - Look at my Things

7. ow, oi - Cow’s Boil Up

8. ‘r’ controlled - The Letter 

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