Guidance for online delivery

Written by Fraser Milne


Posted on September 22 2021

The effectiveness of online phonics teaching is determined by many of the same features which determine the success of live phonics classroom teaching. When delivering daily phonics lessons online the DfE recommend that teachers:

  • Ensure pupils receive clear and precise explanations of new learning in relation to new GPCs, new tricky words and the skills of blending and segmenting.
  • Give careful thought to teaching correct enunciation of sounds. Teachers should ensure that pupils can see the shape of their mouths when forming sounds and that they provide a good model for pupils by articulating phonemes clearly and precisely. It is important that all pupils can hear the sounds pronounced carefully and the teacher is able, wherever possible, to check pupils repeating phonemes accurately.
  • Consider how pupils will receive feedback on learning to ensure any misconceptions are addressed early.
  • Enable pupils to practise blending and segmenting during live online lessons through interactive strategies such as phoneme counting. 
  • Allow for application of new knowledge or skills through ensuring parents have access to appropriate resources. It is essential that continued access to appropriate reading books should be considered as part of remote phonics and early reading lesson planning.