Introducing Capital Letters and Letter Names

The Alphabet Song: 

  1. Point to the letters as the children sing the alphabet song.
  2. Continue singing the song daily and pointing to the letters until you are satisfied that all the children know the letter names.
  3. Pick out a few previously taught sounds each day and connect the names of the letter with the sounds. Sing the alphabet song while pointing to the lowercase and upper case letters on an alphabet frieze.
  4. After a few weeks, progress to pointing at the upper or lower case letters on the frieze and ask children to name the letter and the sound for GPCs that have already been introduced.

Letter Names (example given for a & t): 

  1. Point to the letter a and tell the children that it is an a (say its name) and stands for the sound /a/ (say its pure sound).
  2. Point to another letter that they already know the sound of (e.g. t) telling the children its name. Ask them what sound it stands for.
  3. Continue with all known letter sounds.

Alphabet Poster (sassoon with photos):

Alphabet Poster (sassoon with illustrations):

Alphabet Poster (primer with photos):

Alphabet Poster (primer with illustrations):