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6 Super Spelling Rules Board Games

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6 Super Spelling Rules Board Games

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Suitable for: Year 1, Year 2, Year 3

KAPOW! Become a Spelling Rules Superhero with our legendary set of 6 Board Games. Spin the spinner, read the spelling rule, sound out your word and spell it correctly to place a counter on the Super Grid. Defeat dastardly opponents by connecting 3 or 4 counters in a row by utilising your spelling superpowers! 6 Games Cover: Adding suffixes; Plurals; Spellings dependent on position - ai/ay, ou/ ow, ss/ce, oi/oy; 'w' specials, 'qu' special & 'a' before 'l' spellings; finding Base Words; Common misspellings and finding a related word to highlight vowel sounds.

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