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Phase 4 Pocket Rockets Booklets

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Enjoy more adventures with Pat, Sad Dad and Miss Fusspot in the Phase 4 edition of Pocket Rockets, the daily reading booklets for school, home or just about anywhere! There are lots more fun characters to meet as you practise cvcc, ccvc, ccvcc and cccvcc words learnt at Phase 4 of Letters and Sounds. Just like the Phase 2 & 3 edition of Pocket Rockets, these fantastic pocket-sized, fold-out booklets can be used for learning within school lessons and then taken home for reinforcement and consolidation.

Each boxed set contains 10 copies of each book (180 booklets in total).

Each booklet folds out to: 295mm x 95mm.

Also available as a set of 16 books here.

Introduce an early love of reading with these exciting readers. There are 18 fun stories to introduce, in a daily progression, the 18 phonemes learnt at Phase Four of Letters and Sounds. The books include an instructional page with comprehension questions as well as tricky and focus words.

Each 8 page book measures: 148mm x 210mm 

Cover: 260gsm with gloss lamination. Inside pages: 128gsm 

cvcc Biggest Bag of Junk
cvcc The Best Zork
cvcc Thunk Rock
cvcc Boss of the Tent
ccvc A Big Thrill
ccvc Drat
ccvc Grr! Rat Pack!
ccvc Stan and Spud
ccvc The Problem
ccvcc Fearless Frank
ccvcc Clint and Clem
ccvcc Stomp Swish Grunt
ccvcc The Little Scamp
ccvcc Trent the Trickster
cccvcc Scratch and Scram!
cccvcc Bust that Stress
cccvcc Splish Splosh Splash
cccvcc What Do Bots Do?


Inside Pages Phase 4:


Pocket Rockets Phase 4 Evaluation

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