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Animal Smart Ball

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Animal Smart Ball

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Suitable for: EYFS, Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3

Use this tactile and multisensory Animal Smart Ball with hands-on learners for a range of speaking and listening activities by throwing the ball and describing what is under your left hand. Practice sound exercises to support Phase 1 of Letters and Sounds, or to enhance pupil's vocabulary through discussion and description of the images. Containing real-life photography this innovative Smart Balls can be used both indoors and out for pupils of all ages. It also comes with a booklet of suggested activities. E.g. Describe the animal you see in front of you, but do not use it's name. Throw the ball to the person who guesses correctly. The booklet also has translations into French, Spanish and German so foreign languages can be practiced. Measures approximately 12 inches when inflated. Also available for household objects and different foods. Try using alongside our fantastic Animals Sounds Bingo.

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