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Box 1 Measurement and Geometry (Year 1)

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Box 1 Measurement and Geometry (Year 1)

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Suitable for: Year 1

The Problem-Solving Strategies and Skills Maths Cards provide a wide variety of motivating and high-interest problem-solving activities.
There are three boxes for each class level, 1st to 6th Class,comprising:
  • 30 Number and Algebra cards, plus answers
  • 30 Measurement and Geometry cards, plus answers
  • 30 Statistics and Chance cards, plus answers
The front of each card has a mathematics word problem for pupils to solve and the reverse of each card has an extension activity for more able pupils. The problems involve one or several steps, require the use of a variety of strategies and skills and are supported by colourful artwork.
The features of the Problem-Solving boxes include:
  • excellent resources to support problem-solving, an essential component of the maths curriculum;
  • varied, real-life and challenging problems;
  • activities that enable pupils to practise maths concepts taught in class through problems; and
  • extension problems on the reverse of each card to stretch the problem-solving skills of more able pupils.