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Dandelion Readers Book Pack Units 11-20 Series 1

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Dandelion Readers Book Pack Units 11-20 Series 1

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Suitable for: Year 1, Year 2

An excellent synthetic phonics reading scheme, designed to bridge the gap between learning initial phonics and the first level in available reading schemes. Letter sounds are introduced in a structured sequence, using motivating stories, appealing characters and imaginative illustrations on photographic backgrounds. Text is on a cream background to make it reader friendly using minimal sight words and encouraging the practice of blending skills.

The books in Units 11-20 move beyond single letters to teaching digraph sounds, again in a systematic sequence. These are as follows: Unit 11 (ch); Unit 12 (sh); Unit 13 (th); Unit 14 (ck); Unit 15 (ng); Unit 16 (qu,ve); Unit 17 (wh). From Units 17-20 two-syllable words are introduced with common endings as follows: Unit 17 (simple two-syllable words); Unit 18 (words ending with -ed), Unit 19 (words ending with -ing) and Unit 20 (words ending with -le). Each series pack contains 10 books (one for each unit).

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