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Focus on S.P.A.G. - Bumper Revision Kit

Item no: SB292

Focus on S.P.A.G. - Bumper Revision Kit

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Suitable for: Smart-Buy, Year 2, Year 3

Support your pupils' spelling, punctuation & Grammar as they work through Phase 6 of Letters & Sounds and beyond into a wider world of spelling patterns, rules, grammar and strategies. This brilliant value range of games and directories complement and offer further multisensory practice, to cement the knowledge learnt through our Phase 6 kit - already a favourite in many schools. We have now added in our grammar games and directory, plus brilliant Smart Chute and selfcorrecting Spelling/Grammar Chute Cards. KSB292

Contents: 6 Super Spelling Rules Games; Spelling Rules Directory; Sentence Scramblers; 6 Spelling Board Games Level 2; 6 Spelling & Language Board Games Level 3; 6 Grammar & Sentences Board Games; Grammar & Sentences Directory; Smart Chute; 7 x Spelling/Grammar Chute Cards Sets. Suitable for ages 7+ and pupils with SEN/EAL.

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