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Letters & Sounds Phase 1 Premium Kit

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Attune children to the sounds around them, develop their speaking and listening skills and prepare them for oral blending and segmenting with this fantastic Phase 1 Kit. Recognising the importance of play in a child's development, this bumper kit provides all the props and resources needed to introduce children to this very important starting point of Letters and Sounds. Packed full of interactive, multi-sensory activities to support pupils' auditory discrimination skills, develop an awareness of sounds, beats and rhymes and practise using their mouths and tongues to manipulate and make different sounds.



  • Percussion Set,
  • Animal Sounds Bingo,
  • Household Sounds Bingo,
  • Transport Sounds Bingo,
  • Rhyming Bingo,
  • Set of six Acrylic Mirrors,
  • Voice Sounds Cards,
  • Food Speaking & Listening Ball,
  • Transport Speaking & Listening Ball,
  • Household Speaking & Listening Ball,
  • Animal Speaking & Listening Ball,
  • 8 x Phase 1 Wordless Readers  KLT201 LT201

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