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Mog and Gom Mnemonic Cards Units 6-7

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Mog and Gom Mnemonic Cards Units 6-7

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Suitable for: DfE validated, Reception, Year 1

Beautifully illustrated with picture mnemonic on one side and grapheme on the other. 

  • Contents: 15 double-sided cards  (198mm x 228mm each)

Hear it
1. Display the picture side of the mnemonic card.
2. Say the sound, then say the mnemonic at the end emphasising the sound in the words (e.g. ai - snail trail).
3. Do the same with other words (e.g. sail, tail) accepting suggestions from the children, but not asking for them.

See it
5. Show the grapheme side of the card and say the sound (e.g. ai).

Say it
7. Ask the children to repeat the sound ai.
8. Point to the picture and say snail trail.
9. Repeat with the children joining in.
10. Put the card behind your back and explain that when you show the picture side of the card, the children should say snail trail and when you show the ai side of the card, they should say ai.

Write it
11. Ask the children to put their ‘writing finger’ or ‘pencil’ in the air and follow you in making the shape of the letters, also saying the letter formation. Repeat two times.
12. Ask them to do the same again, either tracing ai in front of them on the carpet or sitting in a line and tracing ai on the back of the child in front.
13. Finally, children write words using ai on whiteboards or paper.

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