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Pack of 5 Magnetic Letters Cursive Pack 1

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Pack of 5 Magnetic Letters Cursive Pack 1

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Suitable for: EYFS, Reception, Year 1

Smart Buy contains 5 sets.

These foam magnetic tiles focus on the relationship between sounds and their spelling. They help students understand the association between the letters and the sounds they represent. The tiles are specifically colour coded to assist students to recognise the most common phoneme groupings. Stage 1 contains 67 foam magnetic tiles in 4 colour groupings: Consonants, Consonants that make two major sounds, vowels and 'h' digraphs. All tiles are lower case.

Dimensions of the letter 'b' 4cm high x 2.4cm wide x 5mm thick

Also available: 5 x sets of Alphabet Arcs. Click here.


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