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Synthetic Phonics Board Games Kit

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Spin and Solve your way to success with synthetic phonics learning. These 6 sets of multipack games include a dash of added excitement and competitive element that will inspire pupils (especially boys) to engage with targeted reading/spelling objectives. Tailored to the objectives and progression from the Letters and Sounds programme, these games promote blending, segmenting and decoding skills and the reading and spelling of real, non and high-frequency words through Phases 2-5. Progress through the Synthetic Phonics Board Games to the 6 Super Spelling Rules Set which gives much-needed practise of our eclectic spellings as set out in Phase 6 of Letters and Sounds. Ideal for daily phonics sessions or to be practised at home, these games are ideal for use by children aged 5+, including older learners with gaps in their phonic knowledge. Each game provides a great non-threatening way to assess pupils' knowledge. Contains 27 games in total.

6 sets of Letters and Sounds Games:

LT94 Phase 2 Games 4 Pack 

LT95 Phase 3 Games 5 Pack 

LT96 Phase 4 Games 6 Pack

LT97 Phase 5 Games 6 Pack 

LT116 Phase 6 Games 6 Pack

L68   Spelling Rules 6 Pack

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