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Talisman Series 1  - (6 x Sets)

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Talisman Series 1 - (6 x Sets)

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Suitable for: Smart-Buy, Year 3

This set of 10 books is an exciting fresh start for older pupils who need to learn the phonic code. Each book introduces the vowel sounds and their alternative spellings, following Phase Five of Letters and Sounds. The original, striking and moving illustrations and stories will appeal to struggling or reluctant readers. The set has an interest age of 8-14 years, but a reading age of Key Stage 1. With a reading practice page, vocabulary page and multisyllable word split for the reader, these highly decidable books ensure reading success. The stories are quest-based, leading the reader on adventures with the characters, and so keeping them interested in the outcome of the stories. Each book contains 16 full colour pages and presents the alternative spellings for one of the following vowel sounds: ae, oe, er, ow/oi, ee, oo, ie, or, air, ar. Save money with our guided reading sets (including 6 of each title), perfect for targeted small group learning.

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