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Time Sequencing Colour Cards

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Time Sequencing Colour Cards

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Suitable for: Reception, SALE, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3

Promote sequencing skills and recognise passing of time to aid an understanding of order and direction with these 38 x A5 photo cards. Card themes include: Times of the day - Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night; Seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter; Ageing - Baby, Child, Teenager, Adult, Senior Citizen; Moon Phases - New Moon, Half Moon, Full Moon; Plant Lifecycle - Seed, Seedling, Flower, Seed head; Frog Lifecycle - Frogspawn, Tadpole, Froglet, Adult.

The cards vary in complexity and encourage comprehension, attention and observation. Comes with a quick card index in the included Activity Guide.